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Fair Trade Organic House Blend Coffee

Fair Trade Organic House Blend Coffee

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The Benefits of Fair Trade Organic House Blend Coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice! If you're a fan of a good cup of joe, then you'll definitely want to give fair trade organic house blend coffee a try. This special blend is crafted with care and precision, using only the finest ingredients to create the perfect cup of coffee.

What is Fair Trade Organic House Blend Coffee?

Fair trade organic house blend coffee is a unique combination of two high-quality beans – a medium roast Central American bean and a dark roast Indonesian Sumatra bean. This blend offers a delicious, well-balanced cup of coffee that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The Benefits of Fair Trade Organic Beans

Not only does this blend create an amazing tasting cup of coffee, but it also has many benefits for both the consumer and the environment. Here are just a few reasons why fair trade organic beans should be your go-to choice for your daily caffeine fix:

  • Fair Trade Certification: By choosing fair trade organic coffee, you can ensure that the farmers who grow the beans are being paid fairly for their hard work. This certification also promotes safe and healthy working conditions for the farmers.
  • Organic Farming: The use of organic farming methods means that no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used in the production of these beans. This not only benefits the environment but also ensures that you're getting a clean and natural cup of coffee.
  • Sustainability: Fair trade organic beans are grown using sustainable practices, which help to protect the environment for future generations. By choosing this blend, you're making a conscious decision to support sustainable farming methods.

Why Choose House Blend?

In addition to the benefits of fair trade organic beans, the house blend itself offers its own unique advantages. The combination of the medium roast Central American bean and dark roast Indonesian Sumatra bean creates a flavor profile that is both bold and smooth. This makes it the perfect choice for those who enjoy a strong cup of coffee without any bitter aftertaste.

Another advantage of house blend is its versatility. Whether you prefer your coffee black, with cream and sugar, or as an espresso shot, this blend can accommodate any preference. It truly is a coffee that can be enjoyed all day long.

Give Fair Trade Organic House Blend Coffee a Try

In summary, fair trade organic house blend coffee not only offers a delicious cup of coffee but also supports fair trade practices and sustainable farming methods. This blend is perfect for those who want to make a positive impact with their daily coffee consumption. So the next time you're in need of a caffeine fix, reach for fair trade organic house blend – your taste buds, and the environment, will thank you. So don't hesitate to give it a try! You won't be disappointed.

Stay caffeinated and make a difference with every sip of fair trade organic house blend coffee.

Happy brewing! ☕️

FTO House Blend Roasting Process:

  • Medium and Dark Roast
  • Air Roasted in smaller batches for better quality
  • More consistent roasting process
  • Removes excess chaff instead of burning and ground
  • Produces less smoke and less carcinogens
  • No unpleasant burnt flavors
  • Less bitter and acidic while providing a smoother, richer taste
  • All orders roasted at time of order and shipped fresh!
FTO House Blend Decaf Process
  • Swiss Water Process
  • Environmentally Friendly, Chemical Free Process
  • Removes at least 99.9% of Caffeine

FTO House Blend Single Serve Pods (Keurig®-Compatible)

iFillCup™ single-serve pods are made from 100% polypropylene from filter to lid and work in standard 2.0 machines. The strong polypropylene filter can hold finer coffee grounds, which are important for a strong cup of coffee at a large size.

About The Cup Coffee Pods have a deeper filter, allowing it to be filled with more coffee for a richer brew. Same size as other pods, holds more coffee inside.

The adhesive-sealed lid tightly seals in freshness. Your coffee won’t quickly get stale!

**Keurig Supreme and Keurig Supreme Plus Owners

Important Message for Keurig Supreme and Supreme Plus Owners**

These pods contain fresh roasted coffee, which requires a sturdier pod than traditional K-Cups. Your machine may have trouble piercing the lid with the label. If you get an unsatisfactory cup (weak coffee or coffee grounds in cup,) please just remove the flavor label on the top of the pod before brewing. Enjoy! (This is only if you did not select Single Serve Pods Supreme / Supreme+, where sticker will be on side)

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