Herbal and Fruit Tisane Tea Brew Guide

Herbal & Fruit Tisane Brew Guide from About The Cup

If you are looking for a cup of tea that gives you a joyful feeling while sipping your tea, just try an herbal or fruit tisane. Herbal and fruit tisanes are beverages made by steeping dried herbs, fruits, and spices in hot water. They are caffeine-free and have a wide range of flavors and aromas. Tisanes have been consumed for centuries for their medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Herbal tisanes are made from a variety of herbs, including chamomile, peppermint, ginger, and lavender. These tisanes are known for their calming, soothing, and digestive benefits. Fruit tisanes are made from dried fruits, such as hibiscus, raspberry leaf, and rosehip. These tisanes are naturally sweet and tart, and they are often enjoyed for their refreshing flavor. Herbal and fruit tisanes can be enjoyed hot or cold. They are a popular alternative to coffee and tea, and they can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Herbal & Fruit Tisane Brewing Guide

Herbal & fruit tisanes are not an exact type of tea and it resembles a wider range of teas under one name. Therefore, the tastes of herbal and fruit tisanes may be vary with different characteristics to each other. When brewing an herbal or fruit tisane, you will have to get a proper understanding on the ingredients. If they are herbs or fruits that gives very lighter tastes, you will not have to worry more about the brewing volume and brewing time but you have to consider more on quality of water and utensils. If the herbal or fruit tisane is strong in taste, it would suppress some contaminations with the water and utensils but the taste is highly related with brewing amount and brewing time.

Below are the main ingredients and utensils required to brew a perfect cup of herbal & fruit tisanes.

  • 8oz of fresh water
  • A kettle or whatever you like to heat the water
  • Little amount of herbal and fruit tisane selected for brewing (1-2 teaspoons)
  • A teapot
  • A teacup

Here are the steps that you need to follow for a perfect green tea cup.

  1. Always use fresh water sourced from filtered or bottled water

The water that you use to make the tea should follow the exact characteristics of definition to water. If the water has any kind of added taste or an odor, or contaminated, you will not get the exact taste of herbal or fruit tea. As mentioned above, herbs or fruits that gives lighter taste would highly affected with water quality.

  1. Boil the water through a kettle or a water heater

Boil the water and allow it to cool down for 1- 2 minutes. The boiling temperature would highly effect of nutrients retention in the tea brew. Therefore, consider the ingredients blended in your herbal or fruit tisane and use slightly cooled down water to preserve the nutrients in the tisanes. For example, if a fruit tisane contains citrusy ingredients, usage of very hot water may destroy some vital nutrients available in the fruits. Make sure to rinse the kettle or water heater before using it.

  1. Rinse the teapot and teacup using few drops of boiled water

By rinsing the teapot and teacup with hot water, the walls of teapot and teacup would get heated up and it will avoid sudden cooling of boiled water when pour in to the teapot and teacup. This will lead you to have a perfect hot cup of herbal or fruit tea rather than a warm cup.

  1. Add sufficient amount of herbal or fruit tisane or a tea sachet.

The brewing amount of your herbal or fruit tisane depends on its ingredients. If the ingredients gives a stronger characteristics to the brew, make sure to add a little amount of herbal or fruit tisane to the teapot. If the ingredients give lighter characteristics, you may add more because the quality would not affect much on the taste. However, adding 1- 2 teaspoons from herbal or fruit tisanes are recommended.

  1. Pour boiled water to the teapot and close the lid and steep the tea for 3- 5 minutes.

Again you have to look for the ingredients available in your blend. If the ingredients available in the tisane gives stronger characteristics, brew the tea for lessor time, around 3 minutes. If it is a lighter herbal or fruit, the brewing time would lead to a longer time like 5 minutes.

  1. Pour the herbal or fruit tisane tea brew to the teacup, add any additive you prefer.

Generally, a cup of herbal or fruit tea do not deliver a harsh or strong taste that cannot be drunk alone. However, if you hesitate to consume it as a plain beverage, you may add some sugar or honey to make it more appealing to your taste. 

  1. Sit back, relax and enjoy your herbal or fruit tisane tea sip by sip.


As mentioned above, it is difficult to give an exact brewing process for herbal or fruit tisane as it covers a wider range of ingredients and taste profiles. Therefore, the best results can be get by identifying the taste characteristics of ingredients in herbal or fruit tisanes. To identify the taste profile, you may bit a small piece of herbal or fruit tisane before brew the tea and decide whether the tea blend is a lighter one or stronger one. So, be courageous, adventurous and select your own herbal or fruit tea tisane and enjoy the best tastes of Mother Nature blended together.