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Caramel Truffle Coffee

Caramel Truffle Coffee

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Enjoy the Rich Deliciousness of Caramel Truffle Flavored Coffee

Introducing our new caramel truffle flavored coffee! This medium-roasted blend features flavors of gooey caramel, chocolate ganache, and just a hint of sea salt. This indulgent treat is perfect for any time of day and pairs well with sweet snacks. Our beans are freshly sourced from Colombia, where the elevation ranges between 1300 to 1650 meters and beans are processed using vertical dryers. The harvesting season is during September to January.

Experience the sophisticated taste of our Caramel Truffle coffee today! Enjoy the smoothness and rich complexity that will make your daily cup of joe one you look forward to. Savor the experience of our unique blend that combines sweet and savory in one delicious brew. This coffee is perfect for those looking for a decadent indulgence or just an uplift to their morning routine. Get your hands on this delightful treat today - you won't regret it!

    Caramel Truffle Roasting Process:

    • Arabica Colombian Supremo Medium – Light Roast
    • Air Roasted in smaller batches for better quality
    • More consistent roasting process
    • Removes excess chaff instead of burning and ground
    • Produces less smoke and less carcinogens
    • No unpleasant burnt flavors
    • Less bitter and acidic while providing a smoother, richer taste
    • All orders roasted at time of order and shipped fresh!
    Caramel Truffle Decaf Process
    • Swiss Water Process
    • Environmentally Friendly, Chemical Free Process
    • Removes at least 99.9% of Caffeine

    Caramel Truffle Single Serve Pods (Keurig®-Compatible)

    iFillCup™ single-serve pods are made from 100% polypropylene from filter to lid and work in standard 2.0 machines. The strong polypropylene filter can hold finer coffee grounds, which are important for a strong cup of coffee at a large size.

    About The Cup Coffee Pods have a deeper filter, allowing it to be filled with more coffee for a richer brew. Same size as other pods, holds more coffee inside.

    The adhesive-sealed lid tightly seals in freshness. Your coffee won’t quickly get stale!

    **Keurig Supreme and Keurig Supreme Plus Owners

    Important Message for Keurig Supreme and Supreme Plus Owners**

    These pods contain fresh roasted coffee, which requires a sturdier pod than traditional K-Cups. Your machine may have trouble piercing the lid with the label. If you get an unsatisfactory cup (weak coffee or coffee grounds in cup,) please just remove the flavor label on the top of the pod before brewing. Enjoy! (This is only if you did not select Single Serve Pods Supreme / Supreme+, where sticker will be on side)

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