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Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea

Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea

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Sencha Kyoto Rose Green Tea: A Delicious Blend of Flavors

If you're a fan of green tea, then you know that it's not always easy to find the perfect blend. But look no further, Sencha Kyoto Rose green tea is here to satisfy all your cravings.

This unique blend combines high quality green tea with sweet cherry flavoring and subtle hints of rose, giving it a wonderful character that's both delicious and refreshing.

The Origins of Sencha Kyoto Rose Green Tea

Sencha is a type of Japanese green tea that is known for its distinctive flavor and aroma. It's produced using the first flush of leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant, which are steamed, rolled, and dried to create the iconic needle-like shape. This process helps to preserve the natural antioxidants and polyphenols found in the tea leaves, making it a healthy and flavorful beverage.

The rose and cherry flavors are added to the sencha green tea base, creating a blend that is both delicate and bold at the same time. The sweet cherry adds a touch of fruity sweetness, while the subtle rose hints give the tea a floral and slightly exotic taste.

How to Enjoy Sencha Kyoto Rose Green Tea

This flavorful blend can be enjoyed hot or iced, making it the perfect drink for any season. For a traditional experience, brew the tea in hot water for about 2-3 minutes and enjoy its full flavor. If you prefer a cold beverage, steep the tea in hot water and then add ice to cool it down.

For an extra treat, try adding a splash of honey or a squeeze of lemon to your Sencha Kyoto Rose green tea. This will enhance the flavors and add some extra health benefits as well.


Sencha Kyoto Rose green tea is a delightful blend of high quality ingredients that come together to create a unique and delicious beverage. Whether you're looking for a healthy alternative to your morning coffee or a refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot day, this green tea is sure to become your new favorite. So why not give it a try and experience the wonderful character of Sencha Kyoto Rose green tea for yourself? So next time you're looking for that perfect cup of green tea, remember Sencha Kyoto Rose - you won't be disappointed! Happy sipping! #SenchaKyotoRoseGreenTea

1oz of loose leaf tea will produce about 11 - 13 cups of 8oz tea

2oz of loose leaf tea will produce about 23 - 26 cups of 8oz tea

4oz of loose leaf tea will produce about 47 - 51 cups of 8oz tea

Ingredients: Green Tea, Rose petals, Natural flavors (organic compliant).

Tea(s) Origin: China / India / Egypt

Region(s): Hunan / Nilgiri / Nile Delta + Fayoum

Growing Altitude: 700 - 4500 feet above sea level

Manufacturer Type(s): Non Fermented, Traditional Steamed, Pan dried and polished

Grade: Sencha – Made to Japanese Specs

Antioxidant Level: High

Caffeine Content: Low

Brewing Instructions for Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea from About The Cup

  • Filtered or Spring Water is Best
  • Heat water to 180 degrees
  • 1 Perfect teaspoon of Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Loose Leaf Tea
  • Everyone’s taste is different, for a stronger flavor use a heaping teaspoon
  • Add Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose to your favorite infuser
  • Pour 8 ounces of 180 degree water
  • Let Steep for 2 – 3 minutes
  • Enjoy your cup of Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea!
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